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Doug manages the commercial, residential, educational, historical, religious, and club projects. He is a native of Tallahassee, Florida, originally hailing from Hosford and is proud to have graduated from colleges within the Big Bend region.

Doug graduated first from Tallahassee Community College before continuing his architectural education at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University where he graduated with his Professional Architecture degree. After graduation, Doug worked closely with valuable mentors and quickly secured an indispensable decade of knowledge and hands-on experience. Doug then had the privilege of interacting with an even larger and more priceless group of professionals, all the while becoming known for his fresh and modern approach to design. Also known for his very easy-going, positive nature and quick sense of humor, Doug blends well with all personalities and is a valuable addition to all project types.


Doug spends volunteer hours working with the Boy Scouts of America. Being an Eagle Scout himself, he strongly supports the program and hopes to always be a part of the organization. He lives in Tallahassee with his wife and six children. He is a welcomed guest at both imaginary tea parties and spur-of-the-moment backyard military battles.


Doug is a brilliant designer and in his spare time can often be found sketching his latest ideas and brainstorms on most any hard surface within his reach. He has been known to make even the toughest and most “impossible” design challenges become something truly amazing.


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