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Innovative and resourceful, Kimberly utilizes her talents to create designs that bring a fresh perspective to projects.

Kimberly began working for Barnett Fronczak Barlowe & Shuler Architects as an intern while completing her degree, seamlessly transitioning into a full-time colleague upon completing her Masters in Architecture at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. This progression marked the initiation of her dedicated journey towards licensure as a registered architect. Her expertise at the firm includes drafting and producing design and construction documents, construction administration, and collaborating with consultants in the field to ensure the successful delivery of design materials.


As a first-generation American, Kimberly takes great pride in her role within her family, distinguishing herself as the first recipient of a Master’s degree in her family. Her familial roots trace back to Honduras and México, lending a distinctive cultural perspective to her professional pursuits.


Architecture has played a pivotal role in Kimberly's personal and professional growth. The continuous exploration of the art and technology behind projects serves as a source of inspiration, driving her commitment to advancement in the field. Kimberly's dedication to her role and unique perspective on life and architecture contribute to her value at the firm.

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