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A distinguished architect, Rick began his professional career in 1973 with Rowe Holmes Associate Architects in Tampa where he honed his skills prior to expanding their offices and becoming a partner in North Florida.

Rick was named an associate architect in 1976 and became a principal in 1978. By 1979 he moved to Tallahassee to establish and direct the North Florida office. In 1973, the firm name was revised to Rowe Holmes Barnett Architects, Inc. In January 1985, Rick, along with Dave Fronczak, began Barnett Fronczak Architects.


Since the firm’s inception, Rick has been instrumental in the development of the firm’s architectural practice. He maintains direct involvement in the design and development of major projects, and he also shares the firm’s overall management responsibilities and distinguishable ethos; always leading by example to maintain exceptional client relationships.


Rick is a retired Colonel in the United Stated Marine Corps and is the Past President of the Tallahassee Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Rick received his Bachelor of Architecture from Tulane University in 1968, and his Master of Fine Arts in Architectural Design from the University of Florida in 1973. He later received a Master of Architecture from Tulane University in 2004.


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